Final Exam Reviews

December 13,2014,Saturday:03:00 PM - 06:00 PM in RH 615, study group by Tutor Muye

December 13,2014,Saturday:12:00 PM - 06:00 PM in RH 601,additional workshop

1)Calculus Review Sessions
Next Date: Saturday,Nov 22nd,2014.

More Information on review for MA-UY 1024 and MA -UY 1324: Download (.pdf)

Registration is now closed for the event, if you have already registered, you will receive a confirmation about your spot at the event,by friday 5pm.



Exam Course Section Date Time Room
Exam 3MA1024ATuesday, November 25, 201412:30-2:20pmRH 215
Exam 3MA1024A2Tuesday, November 25, 201412:30-2:20pmJAB 474
Exam 3MA1024CTuesday, November 25, 201412:30-2:20pmRH 315
Exam 3MA1024C2Tuesday, November 25, 201412:30-2:20pmRH 615
Exam 3MA1024DTuesday, November 25, 201412:30-2:20pmRH 707
Exam 3MA1024ETuesday, November 25, 201412:30-2:20pmJAB 473
Exam 3MA1324A/A2Tuesday, November 25, 201412:30-2:20pmRH 116
Exam 3MA1324CTuesday, November 25, 201412:30-2:20pmJAB 474
Exam 3MA1324C2/DTuesday, November 25, 201412:30-2:20pmJAB 475
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