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problem solving seminar

Exercise your imagination and develop your problem solving skills at the problem solving seminar. The problems will be taken from mathematics competitions around the globe, the Mathematical Monthly, and Knuth's "The Art of Computer Programming".


Interested in Chess and other board games such as Go, Go-moku, and Hex? These games offer the mathematically minded student many interesting and challenging problems.


If you are a CS major with a taste for mathematics you will enjoy most of the club's activities. Many of the problems, and projects, and presentations are taken from past ACM programming contests and D. Knuth's "The Art of Computer Programming". Don't miss the workshops on functional programming in Scheme and Common Lisp.

lectures and presentations

Come and enjoy our presentations and workshops. While some of these presentations will be geared to advanced students most will be accessible to a wide public. This year's themes are recurrence, symmetry, and graphs.

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